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5 Strategy Variables to Consult With Your Mobile Developer

October 1, 2015
Posted by zymoent

5 Strategy Variables to Consult With Your Mobile Developer On Before Launch Hiring a mobile app developer is a tough process. You not only have to put your idea for your app into a tangible business plan, you’ve also got to find a mobile developer whose strategy and processes work best for your business. While […]

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Developing Mobile Apps for Millennials

September 25, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Developing Apps Millennials Will Keep Using It might surprise you to learn that young adults between 25 to 34, not teens, use more mobile apps* than any other age group. From music, sports, and food to health, fitness, and social networks – this generation uses apps nearly everyday.   From a business and marketing standpoint, […]

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Apps vs. Mobile Websites – What Are The Benefits of Each?

September 10, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Apps vs. Mobile Websites Depending on your industry and the services you provide, building a mobile app could be extremely valuable to your site traffic, conversions, and bottom line. We all know how important is it to optimize for the mobile user (Google seriously cannot stress this enough), the question of how best to capture […]

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The Zymo Design Process

August 21, 2015
Posted by zymoent

The Zymo Interactive Web Design Process   At Zymo, our design team plays a critical role in all of our client projects. Below, we’ve highlighted how our designers not only live and breathe their projects, but also how the change from a deliverable-driven design process to a more user-focused design process changes the flow of our methods.   The […]

Apple vs Android: Which is Better? The Pros and Cons of Each

August 2, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Apple vs Android   The battle of the Generation – iOS mobile apps or mobile widgets and apps for Android? In today’s mobile-driven world, there are a ba-gillion mobile options available, but the majority tend to be either iOS/Apple and Android based (sorry windows, you’re a discussion for another day). So, in the apple vs […]

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Create a Buzz For Your App Prelaunch

July 20, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Get Your Audience to Create Buzz About Your App Before Launch   Marketing, especially viral marketing, is all about creating that “buzz”, or the hype that surrounds products and services to get people really excited about what you’re offering. What works best greatly depends on your industry, and app marketing is no different. So how can […]

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How A Mobile App Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

June 8, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Using A Mobile App To Supplement Your Marketing Strategy   Mobile Development can require hundreds of hours to develop a truly successful mobile application. The majority of the development time is spent carefully constructing an excellent user interface, ensuring perfect transitions and links, and making sure all functionality is in place and flawless. This effort […]

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When Is The Right Time to Build A Mobile App For Your Business?

June 4, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Is It The Right Time To Build A Mobile App For Your Business?   Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Digital Marketing handbook that outlined all the right moves for you business? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. But there are ways to “feel out” your next business move, you just have to listen – […]

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Now What? What To Do With Your New Mobile App

June 2, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Marketing Strategies for Your New Mobile App     So you’ve decided that a mobile application (i.e. mobile app) is the right step in your digital marketing strategy. Great! You’ve worked closely with an expert development team, outlined exactly what you need in an app, and your app was delivered on time and fully complete! […]

Key Components of A Revenue Making App

April 17, 2015
Posted by zymoent

As the Mobile Market continues to expand, users are expecting more from online businesses. They are expecting high-speed mobile friendly sites, speedy check outs, and if you have an app, there are a few key components of a revenue making app that your users expect from you. We took it upon ourselves to outline some […]

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