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Zymo Interactive Goes Conferencing!

Zymo Interactive Participates in Launch Wisconsin and Technology Hub Conferences

At Zymo, we’re big supporters of our team members continuing their education in their fields and growing in their industries. We know that by allowing our team to attend conferences, learn about new technologies, and rub elbows with the best in the tech industry, we can confidently deliver the very best results for our development projects.


Technology Hub Conference – Appleton, Wisconsin
zymo interactive adam larson dawn gut technology hub appleton
Adam and Dawn representing Zymo at Technology Hub Conference in Appleton!

Zymo’s fearless leader Adam Larson gave an in-depth presentation on developing hybrid apps using Ionic framework at the Technology Hub Conference held in Appleton, Wisconsin. Ionic framework helps hybrid apps, or apps developed for mobile devices using web development tools, have an excellent User Experience and have a “look and feel” that matches the user’s device. Ionic framework offers “quality web and native app components for building highly interactive native and progressive web apps with Angular” (quote straight from the Ionic website).zymo interactive adam larson ionic app development presentation 2


During the interactive presentation, Adam highlighted the advantages of Ionic framework and gave tips, tricks, and examples of cordova and angular code snippets. While there’s definitely an added benefit to being a part of the conversation in person at the conference, you can view and/or download the presentation in its entirety on SlideShare here.


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Launch Wisconsin Tech and Entrepreneur Conference – Green Bay, Wisconsin

img_0053Zymo is also an active supporter of Launch Wisconsin, its annual Technology and Entrepreneur conference held each October, and its mission to keep creatives and entrepreneurs close to home in the state of Wisconsin. The Zymo team covered App Development and Engagement as well as the concept of pivoting in a startup environment.


The first panel, titled “Starting Up, Pivoting and More – Feature, product, market or company – pivots can keep you moving ahead”, was presented by Dawn Gut and Adam Larson, and covered the benefits and methods startups can pivot within their current industries. The second panel, titled “End User Acquisition – Creating apps that improve our lives and build long term engagement”, was moderated by Dawn Gut, featured team members from Wisconsin startups Doozie.me and Smart Emoji, and covered the importance of lasting engagement from mobile applications.

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