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Outsourcing Development Locally – The Best Business Strategy for Mobile Apps

January 2, 2016
Posted by zymoent

Outsourcing Mobile App Development Locally


Avoid Costly Issues and Maximize Investment When Outsourcing Mobile App Development


zymo interactive outsource mobile app development wisconsin

In what is now being referred to as ‘the Mobile Age’, businesses and startups have realized the importance of being present on their consumers’ mobile devices. Many companies see this need and attempt to develop mobile solutions using their current internal teams and work flow. Without previous experience in mobile app development or an understanding of mobile project management, many companies are left with a half-finished, over-budget project and a very stressed out internal team.


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Why Outsource?

Mobile app development, while becoming increasingly more scalable for small businesses and startups alike, still requires industry knowledge and expertise that can only be gained from years of app development experience and project management. Instead of taking a risk on hiring a full in-house development team for an app that may or may not succeed in the app store, many businesses are outsourcing mobile app development needs to external mobile development experts.


The term ‘outsource’ comes with its own stigmas, and there are pros and cons to consider when making the decision to outsource mobile development. However, many of the ‘cons’ associated with outsourcing mobile projects come about when referring to international outsourcing. How can you take advantage of the increased efficiency and higher quality results of outsourced projects, without suffering the drawbacks of outsourcing to a company in another country entirely? Outsourcing mobile development to local development companies just might be the answer.


The Mobile App Learning Curve

Producing a mobile app requires more than just basic development knowledge. From conceptualization and design to launch and support, mobile app development requires expertise in process management and workflow, as well as knowledge in on-going app support and third-party tools (such as Fabric, twitter’s API for app developers). A learning curve presents itself to those just entering the mobile app development sphere, and lack of knowledge and support in the various app stores and developer API’s can result in a big flop in an app’s success.


Avoid this learning curve and the months of inefficiency that accompany it by hiring a knowledgeable team that can blend into and support your current internal team!



Hiring an external team to develop your business’s mobile app not only avoids months of inefficiency and adjustment, it also ensures that your project hits the ground running with a strategy to keep the project on the predetermined timeline. A highly undervalued factor of outsourcing the development of a mobile app is the benefit of bringing in an industry expert on a short-term project basis.


Hiring a specialized app development team ensures that an experienced expert handles each step of your mobile app’s development process. This eliminates extraneous resources and wasted time, saving you the costs and headaches associated with in-house training, getting your app into app stores sooner.



A Mobile App Development project does not end after launch. Launching a mobile app in the app store also requires some sort of mobile app support contact, and it is expected that businesses regularly update and improve their app. In order to maintain high customer ratings and satisfaction, on-going mobile app support cannot just be a side thought in the development process. Hiring a mobile app development expert with experience in ongoing app support is critical to keeping your audience is satisfied and their needs are being met.


Still not convinced that bringing on a mobile app development team is the best solution for your business? Below are some examples of well-known startups and companies that have outsourced their mobile development to external teams: (source)  

  • Skype – Skype used an international development team to build out their customer base and develop mobile options for a variety of devices.
  • The Weather Channel – TWC initially spent months of wasted time and resources attempting to develop a mobile app in house before turning to outsourced teams.
  • Klout – with an expedited timeframe and limited resources, Klout relied on an external team of developers to advance their technology before launch.
  • Basecamp – used outsourced developers to become a leader in project management software.
  • Slack – Slack utilized outsourced developers during into early days to develop its current technologies.
  • Mindspark – A mobile app development company itself, MindSpark has used outsourced development to create many of its published apps.


Zymo Interactive has years of expertise in blending seamlessly into any existing team in any industry. Our flexible and knowledgeable team is ready to handle full mobile app development outsourcing, partial outsourcing, and project management to ensure that your end product is beautiful, user friendly, and fully functional. We’ve partnered with international enterprises and startups alike to ensure every mobile app released is developed with the expertise, efficiency, strategy, and support you expect to ensure its success in the app store.

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