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The Zymo Design Process

August 21, 2015
Posted by zymoent

The Zymo Interactive Web Design Process


At Zymo, our design team plays a critical role in all of our client projects. Below, we’ve highlighted how our designers not only live and breathe their projects, but also how the change from a deliverable-driven design process to a more user-focused design process changes the flow of our methods.


The Discovery

Part of making successful digital products and, most importantly, our clients’ success is having a roadmap to follow from start to finish. Our in-depth discovery process and planning methods address all of the goals, features, and potential roadblocks in the development cycle, allowing us to create the best solution possible. We believe that discovering, detecting, and planning for possible issues or roadblocks before they happen in an invaluable step in our process.

At the very beginning of a client relationship, we take time to gain perspective on the newly proposed project during the design process. We listen to what problems need to be solved, and we go into great detail as we discuss them, in real-time, with you. By knowing the unique technicalities of how the project is currently functioning, we can avoid oversight of important facts or other misinformation. Understanding the issues in their fullest capacity allows us to assess the situation with new, creative eyes. This unique design process allows us to discover new solutions and fuels our ability to work with you to develop a success roadmap for the project.


The Execution

Once we have a plan of action, the next step is to design and design again. We like to iterate first on paper, developing multiple layouts and design schemes and really feeling out the entire app flow, before we write a single line of code. User experience (UX) is something we are obsessed with and we prefer to keep it in the forefront of our designs. We always strive to ensure that our solutions and designs are a solid fit for your goals and objectives. We believe the feeling you get when using a service like ours should be intuitive, appealing, and simplistic. Once we have our paper prototype, we move in other design process tools to grow this experience from seed to harvest, while walking through each step with the client to ensure our product truly serves its purpose flawlessly.

Now it’s time to dive head-long into development, but our designers’ job isn’t done yet. From testing out the intricacies of menus to providing input on animations, as well as feedback on timing, colors, and more: we’re in it for the long haul. Throughout this process, the communication with our client never stops, new and clever ideas arise, and new features are continuously being implemented. Near the end of the road, we accelerate testing of the product in a multitude of ways to make sure it is stable, reliable and finally able to be deployed.


The Follow Through

This is where many companies will drop the product and walk away, but not Zymo! We take extra steps to provide marketing materials and other supplemental assets to get your product out and into the world. If you need it, we can do it for you.


Our design team takes pride in their involvement on each project, becoming the experts of any project and taking great care in its form and function. Want to learn more about our working with our designers? Contact us today!



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