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Best Development Blogs You Should be Reading

August 14, 2015
Posted by zymoent

5 Best Development Blogs You Should Definitely Bookmark Right Now


Blogs. It seems like we’re constantly reading them, writing for them, disagreeing with them (I don’t care, I will never pronounce GIF as “JIF”), subscribing to and unsubscribing from them. It’s a breath of fresh air when you find a great blog that is helpful, accurate, and relevant!

Development Blogs and industry info are extremely important to developers, helping us be ready for industry changes, learn new skills, consistently be tweaking our products and services (dev work is never done!) So how do you determine which blogs get the privilege of taking up your inbox or bookmark bar? We’ve listed a few of our favorites and why below!


Smashing Magazine

With everything from coding and design to mobile and ux, Smashing sure is…well, smashing. With over 923,000 followers on twitter alone, they’ve got a great follower base and have proven time and again that their featured content is not only relevant but truly useful to their readers.



Whether it stems from the desire to learn a new skill or a “uh, yes boss, of course I know how to do that” situation that leaves you scouring the internet in a panic, tuts+ is an amazing educational site that can help you acquire new skills and beef up your resume.


Treehouse Blog

A blog by teachers hoping to educate the public on wed development and code. They have awesome resources and a news column for the development industry, and they work with non-profits and inner city groups to help under-privileged children gain career building skills and guide them into life changing careers.


Start Here: 7 Good Developer Habits I Wish I’d Adopted Sooner


Web Appers

WebAppers is a blog dedicated to sharing open source (so, free) resources for web developers and web designers. From free icons to stock photos, brushes, and fonts, they’ve got all you designers covered. They also offer Javascript and AJAX components, menus, tooltips, plugins, and a ton more. The creator, Ray Cheung, is a pro web developer and designer with a passion for web design and web app development.


All of the open source resources are categorized into different type of licenses, such as Creative Commons, BSD, GPL, LGPL, MIT, and License Free, so that you can easily pick the most suitable resources for your projects according to your needs.


Start Here: 30+ Impressive Pure CSS Hover Effects Collection


A List Apart

For People Who Build Websites.”, A list apart is an excellent resource to add to your bookmarks or RSS feed. The blog explores the design and development of all kinds of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. An artsy blog that is by developers and designs, for developers and designers.

Start Here: Topic – Application Development 


These are just a few of our favorite blogs for web and app developers and web designers. Do you have any favorites? Connect with us on social media and tell us about them!


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