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Key Components of A Revenue Making App

April 17, 2015
Posted by zymoent

MOBILE APPAs the Mobile Market continues to expand, users are expecting more from online businesses. They are expecting high-speed mobile friendly sites, speedy check outs, and if you have an app, there are a few key components of a revenue making app that your users expect from you. We took it upon ourselves to outline some of the main components of what makes great apps so great, as well as what you can do to make sure your app brings in revenue!


User Interface

The look and feel of an application is critical to the successfulness of the app. First impressions only take 1-2 seconds, so your business needs to capture (and keep!) the user’s attention from the moment they open to app. Competition is fierce, especially for free apps, and many apps can’t keep up with the churn rate. This is why your UI needs to be great from open to checkout!


How to Choose an Interface


1. Determine your audience.

Most likely, middle-aged business man is going to prefer different apps than an 18 year old woman. Having an understanding of who your audience is will help you design (or work with a team to design) the app thats best for your target demographic.


2. Choose a Color Scheme – and Stick with It!

Choose a color scheme for your app, ideally one that matches your current brand or gives off the message you’d like to convey. Choose carefully, color can have huge effects on marketing!


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3. Decide Your Device.

You can choose Android, iOS, or both. iOS users tend to prefer an app that is synchronous with Apple – sleep, minimalistic, easy to use. Android users tend to prefer the ability to customize. Deciding how your app will be used will help you determine you audience (see step 1.), which will in turn help you decide which platform to target, if not both.


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Know What Mobile Users Wantyour-app-here-graphic1

Know the difference between a mobile user and a desktop user. A mobile user will be less likely to use an app if it is not geo-sensitive, takes too long to load, or requires full and complete attention from the user. Let’s face it, mobile users pretty much embody the concept of A.D.D. in that they (we) are always on the move, always doing 10-100 things at once, and don’t have time for an app that requires a lot of time or full attention. As such, in order to create a successful, revenue making app, we need to understand what mobile users want.


Know What Problem You Are Solving


Similar to “what mobile users want”, knowing what problem your users have and specifically how your app solves this problem is critical to creating an app (and marketing strategy) that will be effective. What problem does your app solve? What types of people tend to have the problem you are solving? A brainstorming session, coupled with understanding your audience and understanding a mobile user’s unique needs, will help you create a beautiful, useful, and most importantly, revenue driving app!




It took Edison 1,000 tries to make a lightbulb. No company EVER has made a bug-proof, extremely useful app that never needs updates or fixes. If you want a user to give you some of their valuable home-screen real estate, you better make sure its worth their while! Releasing regular updates and big fixes shows that you read reviews and care about your users. Better fixes mean better reviews, which means more downloads, which means more revenue in your pocket! Keep your users loyal and happy, and they will continue to user your app.



Make Your New Revenue Making App Findable


Magnifying Glass Search

Lastly, don’t spend the time or money creating an app just to let it sink to the bottom of the app-bin in the Apple/Google Play store. A good understanding of App Store Optimization can help you get your app in front of the eyes of potential customers. A strong combination of paid marketing and SEO can spell success for your app’s visibility.


Creating an app that is competitive, easy to use, looks great, AND makes money is a tough feat to overcome. Nailing the UI, finding (and reaching!) your target audience, adapting to changes, and performing solid ASO will spell success for your app!



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