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[PDF Checklist] Building A Mobile Friendly Website Checklist

March 31, 2015
Posted by zymoent

Your Mobile-Friendly Website Checklist!


Use this downloadable (and printable!) checklist to ensure your website is optimized for all mobile devices!

Click Here to Download Your Free Mobile Friendly Website Checklist!

Mobile Friendly Website Checklist

Do you have a responsive site design [best] or dedicated mobile site? Check website on mobile device(s), tablet, and different window sizes of desktop
Is your site coded to detect a mobile device and auto-load your mobile/responsive site? If using a designated responsive design, this should be automatic
Does your site present the information differently, with larger, easy to use buttons, and reduced graphics? Remove unnecessary text, images, and spaces for best mobile experience
Is the website designed so that only vertical scrolling is required? There should never been any horizontal (side to side) scrolling on a mobile site
Is there plenty of space between links on every page? So that users can easily click each link without overlap
Does the navigation allow users to move quickly and freely through the site? Users should be able to easily navigate each page, all content, media, etc.
Are data entry points, such as contact forms, loaded in a dropdown? Minimize data entry where possible for all mobile devices
Is the call-to-action button (‘buy now’) clearly visible for each product/page? A clear call to action is necessary for mobile success!
Is it easy to get help, or answers to questions on the website? Contact us link/button, help icon/button, etc.
Is your phone number always present and in a format that only requires a touch to make a call toyour business? Click to Call buttons or at least a phone number is critical to your site
If you have a mobile (non-responsive) site, is there a clearly visible link to your desktop site? Something along the lines of “View Our Full Site Here” in a visible location


Lastly, run your website through Google’s Mobile Usability checks on Webmaster Tools and Here

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