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3 Mobile App Tools to Help You Get Started with App Development

January 6, 2017
Posted by zymoent

App Development is quickly becoming one of highest demanded job skills in the technology industry. As our world turns its focus to mobile, it’s becoming more common for creatives and technical folk to have basic understandings of mobile app development for businesses. Professionals in the tech sphere, especially those working in the startup scene, often […]

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Facts You Might Not Have Known About Green Bay, Wisconsin

December 21, 2016
Posted by zymoent

Wisconsin pride is something we take pretty darn seriously over here at Zymo Interactive. Wisconsin has a rich and full (and also frigid) history that gives us countless reason to be proud of the state we call home. While the temperatures can be extremely harsh and the air can be so cold you get frostbite […]

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Pricing Models to Consider for Your Mobile App

November 17, 2016
Posted by zymoent

Which Pricing Model is Best for Your Mobile App?   A question that commonly arises after the development of an app is “Should we charge for this app, or allow it to be downloaded for free?”.   While all developers want the best mobile experience for their users, developers themselves have to find a way […]

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Zymo Interactive Goes Conferencing!

Zymo Interactive Participates in Launch Wisconsin and Technology Hub Conferences At Zymo, we’re big supporters of our team members continuing their education in their fields and growing in their industries. We know that by allowing our team to attend conferences, learn about new technologies, and rub elbows with the best in the tech industry, we […]

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The Most Delicious Spots in The Green Bay Area

October 5, 2016
Posted by zymoent

If you’re new to or visiting the Green Bay area, you probably already know about the city’s highlights, like Lambeau Field, Saint Norbert College, The Neville Museum, etc. Aside from these great local attractions, Green Bay has some seriously killer lunch and dinner spots that are fantastic representations of Wisconsin life. Below are some of […]

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Making Hybrid Mobile Apps Feel Native

September 30, 2016
Posted by zymoent

Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps to Appear More Like Native Apps   Advancements in development for mobile and cross-device usage are blurring the lines between what we can call “hybrid” and “native”. While it’s common knowledge that mobile app development performed using web technologies just don’t perform as well as native technologies, it is possible to […]

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What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

April 28, 2016
Posted by zymoent

Learn about what Bluetooth Low Energy is and why its important for mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) technology!    What is Bluetooth Low Energy   Bluetooth Low Energy (often referred to as Bluetooth LE, BLE, or Bluetooth Smart) takes the same Bluetooth technology used in our cars and mobile devices and allows it to constantly run and […]

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Mobile App Security Measures for Developers

March 14, 2016
Posted by zymoent

Mobile App Security Measures for Developers: Protect What You Build   Mobile App Security is More Important Than Ever Mobile app downloads continue to rise, with over 1.6 million apps available in the apps stores at any given time. Consumers rely heavily on the various apps found on their mobile devices, using apps to perform […]

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5 Mobile App Trends Predicted for 2016

February 25, 2016
Posted by zymoent

5 Mobile App Trends Developers and Businesses Can Expect in 2016   Mobile devices are arguably the most influential pieces of technology in our daily lives. From productivity-driven apps for business to the lifestyle and health apps that keep us on track, mobile apps have had a huge impact on the way we function in […]

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Common App Development Challenges (and how to avoid them)

February 10, 2016
Posted by zymoent

  Common Mobile App Development Challenges and How You Can Avoid Them   At Zymo, we know that amazing design, a killer development team, or even a strong market need does not guarantee a successful app. There are well over a million apps in the Apple App Store alone, which means its extremely difficult to […]

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